Author = Aslani, Khaled
The inquiry of lived experience of couple's marital satisfaction with cultural difference: A phenomenological study

Volume 8, Issue 1, September 2018, Pages 105-124


Gholamreza Rajabi; Omid Hamidi; ABAS AMANELAHI; Khaled Aslani

The effectiveness of premarital education Program Based on Premarital Interpersonal Choices and Knowledge in Bachelor students

Volume 6, Issue 1, July 2017, Pages 79-97

Golamreza Rajabi; Ghodratollah Abbasi; Mansor Sodani; Kaled Aslani

Identification of the factors contributing to satisfying stable marriages in women

Volume 6, Issue 2, March 2017, Pages 129-164

amin Koraei; Reza Khojaste Mehr; Mansour Sodani; Khaled Aslani

The moderator role of physical affection in the relationship between attachment styles with marital quality of women

Volume 5, Issue 4, March 2016, Pages 17-35

ABAS AMANELAHIAmanolahi; Ali Karimzade Naderi; Khaled Aslni

Testing the model of father and mother attachment with anxiety and depression with mediating God attachment

Volume 3, Issue 3, May 2013, Pages 419-439

Khaled Aslani; Marzieh Ghamari; Shokofe Ramezani; Malihe Khabazi

A Study of Relationship Between Attachment Styles with Family Function and General Health

Volume 2, Issue 2, May 2012, Pages 163-177

Khaled Aslani; Ali Saiadi; Abas Amanelahi