Aims and Scope

The journal's range and content covers such areas as family problems, divorce, family enrichment, and family functioning. The journal aims to be interdisciplinary and contributions from other disciplines of medicine and social science are always welcomed.

The journal's scope includes the following domains:

  1. This journal seeks to provide knowledge about describing the family problems of distressed and divorced seeking clients in Iran and identifies treatment methods for solving the problems of clients applying for divorce.
  2. Explain, interpret and predict the divorce and marital satisfaction through the concepts presented in this journal.
  3. Clarifying the nature of the effect of effective treatment methods on solving couples' problems and divorce-causing grounds.
  4. A complete and comprehensive description of the problems associated with family problems so that the characteristics of the effects of therapeutic methods can provide accurate and appropriate information on the problems of couples, then differentiate between mental and real information considering the impact of these therapies on solving couples' problems, and obtain a clear imagination of the role of the aforementioned methods.
  5. In order to cope with the problems of couples and in order to prevent and treatment couples' maladaptive reactions, practical descriptions of the application of these therapeutic theories can be found in this publication. As a result, provided the practical and useful strategies to the treatment and promotion of mental health and the creation of a healthy pattern of personal relationships between couples and prevented an ever-increasing divorce in Iran through God's help.
  6. Finally, to test the impact of evidenced based therapeutic research methods on solving the problems of couples applying for divorce from Iran, because these methods have been developed in non-Iranian cultures and the number of research done in this area is rare in our country's culture and country.