Guide for Authors

Article structure

Abstract: Abstract includes background, objective, method, findings, and conclusion.

   Background: accordance with the hypotheses/questions and the statistical population

   Objective: Consistent with research hypotheses/questions

   Method:  Includes the type of research, research design, statistical population with the number of participants or subjects in that period, insertion of time and place, clarification of place names, sampling method and sample size, tools (s) with the name of the manufacturer (s) and Year of construction and has a hyperlink, as well as the method of data analysis

   Findings: For quantitative research with mathematical symbols; findings are the answer to the research question

   Conclusion: Based on the findings and according to the statistical community and include practical suggestions.

   Keywords: 3 to 5 words and separated by commas.


   The importance and necessity of research should be written clearly and according to the statistical community. In this section, the objectives of the research should be clarified.

   In writing the basics and theoretical scope of the research, including the definition of variables, the order of each variable in the title should be observed, the basics and theoretical scope of each variable should be written in separate paragraphs, respectively.

   Research innovations should be specified in one paragraph.

   The background should include up-to-date references and be consistent with the references in the discussion section.

   At the end of the introduction, the research question (s) or hypothesis (s) should be written in separate lines.


   Including research design or method; a Statistical Community with time and place; the Number of the statistical population; the Sampling method and how to determine the number of statistical samples; Sample size; Criteria for elimination and selection of subjects.


   Begin the research by presenting the complete demographic characteristics of the sample.

   The research results should be presented along with the necessary tables and diagrams following APA criteria and models. Explain the tables above.


   In this section, refrain from repeating the questions, hypotheses, and statistical data of the research and refer only to the results of the test (s).

   In the discussion, the findings should be compared separately with the findings of the background and the results explained; The similarities and differences between the research findings and the findings of previous research should be clarified.


   Explanations and conclusions have no reference. Write restrictions and suggestions in this section.


Authors ’contributions


Availability of data and materials

Ethics approval and consent to participate

Competing interests

Consent for publication


APA 7th Referencing: Getting Started in APA 7th