Message from Managing Director and Chief –Editor

Document Type : Editor's Notes


Associate Professor, Department of Counseling, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kurdistan University, Sanandaj, Iran


In the fields of psychological sciences, counseling and problem solving by specialist of these fields to confronting with somatic-psycho-familial-social and spiritual damages widespread strategies have been used from prevention to treatment. Particularly in the field of family counseling and psychotherapy, some families and couples confront life-challenging events that, as a highly stressful trauma and taboo, dominates their lives the shadow of distress and hopelessness. The events such as the infertility of the woman or man who has not been effective their various efforts after marriage to give birth a child can be regarded as a very stressful and problematic event that still, in Iran, the merits of all forms of confrontation and coping with it have not become widespread.  Indeed, there are provided neither enough bio-treatments, nor counseling treatments for extensive control of this event and its consequences. In addition, the numbers of couples involved in this event and have the necessary ability and skills to cope with and accept life without tension and distress are few. Therefore, research and study on many dimensions of the family function is still nascent, and further study in these areas is necessary.


Yoosefi, N. (2017). Message from Managing Director and Chief –Editor. Family Counseling and Psychotherapy, 7(1), 0-0.