The Relationship between Family Functioning, Differentiation of Self and Resiliency with Stress, Anxiety and Depression in the Married Women Kermanshah city

Document Type : Original


1 AssAssociate Professor of psychology, University of Razi, Kermanshah, Iran

2 MA In General Psychology, University of Razi, Kermanshah, Iran


Purpose: Current study was conducted to investigate the relationship between family functioning, differentiation of self and resiliency with stress, anxiety and depression in Married Women Kermanshah city.
Methods: The statistical community was composed of all women Married at least one child as a student in elementary school Kermanshah city, which a sample composed of 250 was selected in Multi-stage cluster sampling manner. The data collection tools included the questionnaires of family functions, differentiation of self (DSI-R) depression scale, and Conner & Davidson resiliency scale (CD-RISC). The design of the study was of descriptive and for data analysis, average statistical indices, standard deviation, correlation and stepwise regression analysis were used.
Findings: The results indicated that there is a negative and significant relationship between family function and sub-scales (communication, affective involvement role playing and problem solving) and resiliency also positive and significant relationship between differentiation of self sub-scales to the part of scale fusion with others and emotional reactivity with stress, In addition, there is negative a significant relationship with sub-scale my position.  Also The results showed that there is a negative and significant relationship between sub-scales family function and resiliency with stress and anxiety. and among subscales differentiation of self(fusion with others and emotional reactivity) with anxiety positive and significant relationship and also between sub-scales differentiation of self(fusion with others, emotional cut off and  emotional reactivity) positive and significant relationship with depression 
Conclusion: Considering Study Results, it could be family function, differentiation of self and resiliency role in the occurrence of stress, anxiety and depression.


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