Designing and Comparing of two Therapy Program based on Narrative Therapy principles and Therapy based on Quran Teaches in Reduction Marriage Conflicts

Document Type : Original


Assistant Professor of Psychology, Payame Noor University, Sanandaj, Iran


Purpose: The aim of this study was designing and comparing of two Therapy program based on narrative therapy principles and therapy based on Quran teaches in reduction marriage conflicts. 
 Three groups are considered for performing this research ,  each group contained  ten members. The members of research groups were persons who referred to welfare emergencies center of Sanandaj and counseling clinical center of Kurdistan University.
Methods: The research design  was semi experiment based on  pre-test, post- test design with control group. As first step we explained the  problems of  research to mentioned groups and after determining the applicants, they separated  randomly to the three groups (narrative therapy, religious teaches and control group).
Findings: the results of covariance analytic show that narrative therapy and Quran teaches have meaningful influence on reduction marital conflicts.
Conclusion: results of research  show that unfinished business affect on  creation  of marital conflicts on the ground of process of  intimacy communication. Therefore by using the  techniques of narrative therapy and Quran teaches , me can reduce  marital conflicts,  meaningful results observed.


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