The Investigation of the Criteria of Spouse Selecting and Marital Burnout as Forwarded Variants in Couples Applicant for Divorce and Couples Desirous of Continuing the Marital Status

Document Type : Original


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and Consultation, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Kurdistan University, Sanandaj, Iran

2 Consultant, Hazrat Zaynab Nursing Faculty, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Introduction: the purpose of this research was comparison relationship between criteria of spouse selection and marital burnout in divorce couple whit those desirous of marital continuation.
Methods: this research designed was kind of correlation research. Statistical population  was all divorce complainants in family court of Lar ,in 6 month of first in 1390, that passed 2 years to 6 years of their marital life and complainant desirous of marital continuation, the sample was 30 divorce complainant couple and 30 couple desirous of marital continuation which selected from population randomly. The questionnaires was couple burnout questionnaire (CBQ) and preference criteria of spouse selection inventory (PCSSI).
Results: In order for analyzing the data, statistical examination of differentiation was applied. The results of the analysis indicate that the variants like marital burnout and content criteria of spouse electing are able to meaningfully predicate the joining of people in one of the two groups which one of them is applicants of divorce and the other is those who tend to continue their marital status. The common corer relation of these variants in categorizing the groups in simultaneous differentiating analysis equals 0.773 and  in step by step differentiating analysis equals 0.756. The level of the meaningfulness of the differentiating function in this investigation is p<0.0001.
Conclusion: The results of this investigation admitted  the role of the content spouse selecting criteria  and marital burnout as variants of the predictors of the possibility of divorce in couples and can be influential in the determining of the counseling guides especially in counseling before marriage


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