The comparison of the differentiation indices in Bowen's intergenerational theory with perceived differentiation indices in the community of Iranian parents resident in Tehran

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1 MSc, Azad University, Science and Research Branch of Tehran, Tehran Iran

2 Professor of Behavioral Sciences Research Center, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Differentiation is an effective variable in the formation and stability of the family foundation. This study carried out aimed to compare the indices of differentiation in Bowen's intergenerational theory and Iranian families. The method of study was “mixed method”, and were administered using qualitative method of chain exploration strategy and quantitative method of correlation. First, the concepts of differentiation in Bowen theory were extracted. Then through exploratory interviews with 14 parents of Tehran by purposive sampling, which was done in 2016, elements, and components of indices of differentiation in Iranian culture extracted and coded. The accuracy of the obtained indices from the Delphi method verified by a group of specialists. 12 main indices and 78 sub-indices were identified for differentiation in Iranian families. In addition to the indices in the Bowen theory, 25 indices were obtained in the cultural context of the Iranian Parents community. Then the obtained indices converted into the questionnaire and parallel to the revised version of Scoron and Smith's differentiation scale (2003) carried out on a sample of 100 parents that were selected by cluster sampling. The results indicate the correlation between both instruments (r= -0/40, P<0/001). In addition, the correlation matrix showed that the internal correlation coefficients of the obtained differentiation measurement components from the research have a higher correlation coefficient level. The comparison of the obtained indices with the proposed indices in Bowen's theory suggests that although the differentiation relatively is a stable feature, but in sub-indexes can affected by the cultural and social context. Therefore, the inconsistency in the cultural and social context to properly understanding and investigating the psychological structures is very important.


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